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12 Aug
Save money - Thrifty

Save money - Thrifty

If you can learn how to save money on a low income, you will be able to quickly build up a financial buffer that will help protect you from debt.

Savings are important for everyone. If you can save money on a low income, you will have the security of cash to fall back on in the event of an emergency instead of relying on quick loans to save the day.

You should hopefully be able to pay less for the things you do buy, by making payments in full up-front rather than paying on credit and incurring interest.


1. Haggle and negotiate

The art of haggling is often lost in today’s modern world.

If you can find the confidence to haggle, you may be able to reduce your expenses.

People often find their insurance premiums to be the easiest expenses to negotiate.

Apply for insurance quotes online. Find the lowest quote. Contact other insurers, mentioning the quote that you have received, to see if they can offer a better price.

Many providers of products and services will be happy to undercut their competitors if it means that they will make a sale that they would otherwise lose to someone else. As a buyer, you can use this in your favor.

2. Look after the coins

Look after the coins and the dollars will look after themselves.

When you save money on a low income, the bigger picture can seem bleak. Many people believe that their money is not worth saving unless they are setting aside a significant amount every month.

In fact, saving every spare cion can make a big difference to your bank balance.

Do not wait until you have AUD10 spare. Put every spare coin into your piggy bank, to build savings without cutting costs.

Your bank may make this easier for you.


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